Cordially Invites you to the MARKETING VIRTUAL SUMMIT Replay

Marketing Strategy and Tactics for
Highly profitable online and offline businesses



Zhe Scott 
The SEO Queen
Joe Sanchis
CEO & Founder of Queue Technologies
Brian Parnell
CEO of Grindstone
Fraser Hay
Speaker, Author, Coach
Kori Raishon
Video Conceptualist, Strategist and Speaker
Dr. Deena Brown
Speaker, Author, Coach

The SEO Queen Virtual Marketing Summit Agenda:

Zhe L. Scott, (11AM – NOON) The SEO Queen will be kicking off this virtual summit with her workshop titled: How to use Keywords Effectively. At the end of the workshop you will understand the difference between transactional, ambigious, and tire kicker keywords. Using this insight you will be able to make your content pop! Get to the top of your Niche and on to Google Page 1 with the best keywords!

Joe Sanchis (Noon - 1pm) is a Viral Growth Marketing Expert who counts Neil Patel among his platform's clients. Learn how to bring synergy and exponential growth to your marketing and make it go viral. 

Brian Parnell (1pm – 2pm), is a telemarketing expert. He built Grindstone from the ground up and almost a decade later he is still going strong. Think the phone call is dead? Think again. Learn how to effectively integrate telemarketing into your online, and offline, marketing strategies.

Fraser Hay (2pm – 3pm) is the founder of the Grow Your Business Club. He is a prolific author of 15 Books on Business, Marketing, Resilience, and Strategy. He has spent the last 20 years identifying and addressing 2000+ common issues, challenges and obstacles for each stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Everything is measured, documented & guaranteed.

Kori Raishon (3pm – 4pm) started his journey as a professional Architect. This gives him an uncanny eye for both still and motion image designs. He is the owner and conceptualist of Double EE Productions, LLC, a video distribution and marketing company dedicated to offering a webcast space for independent producers of film and television. 

Dr. Deena Brown (4pm – 5pm) Known simply as the Millennial Whisperer, Dr. Deena Brown has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS as a highly sought-after business consultant. She will be wrapping up this virtual summit with a presentation on how to integrate your story effectively and inspire action in all of your content. You need fuel to move forward. It does not matter if the marketing tactic is word of mouth, website, email, telemarketing, social media, or video you need a story that sells. A Brand that will connect and inspire your best demographic to become customers. She has you covered.

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